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  1. White light/ white heat. Really like this album. It's dark, raw and edgy. Love sister ray and the gift (darkly funny). But to be fair all six tracks are great. This is a complete contrast to they're follow up album (velvet underground). Which is a lot mellower but is equally as good/5().
  2. White Light/White Heat Lyrics: (White light) White light goin', messin' up my mind / (White light) And don't you know it's gonna make me go blind / (White heat) Aw, white heat, it tickle me down.
  3. White Light/White Heat is easily the least accessible of The Velvet Underground's studio albums, but anyone wanting to hear their guitar-mauling tribal frenzy straight with no chaser will love it, and those benighted souls who think of the Velvets as some sort of folk-rock band are advised to crank their stereo up to ten and give side two a spin/
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  5. Jan 16,  · For its 45th anniversary it's been reissued in expanded, remastered form, and listening to White Light/White Heat now, it doesn't quite fit the template of its legend.
  6. Jun 04,  · The searing final chord of Sister Ray should be the last sound you hear on White Light/ White Heat but instead you get the already weak Hey Mr Rain, which now sounds even weaker after the marathon the listener has just experienced. Side 2 is over /5(K).
  7. I deeply loved and still do love their immaculate debut ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’, but was the following ‘bad, dirty and ugly’ black covered album ‘White Light / White Heat’ that set my soul on fire.

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