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  1. "Real-Time Fandub is a group of voice actors who dub popular things from memory. They are only missing one key component: A memory." I'm gonna go higher; I'm pissing ON THE MOON! How do you like that, Obama? I'm going to have a birth of cactuses out of my asshole." — Alfred Coleman, portraying Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik in Sonic the.
  2. I’m going to New York tomorrow. = I’m gonna go to New York tomorrow. They mean exactly the same thing; the second way is just more informal, but both are correct. So remember – when speaking or writing informally: You can turn going to into gonna when it is helping another main verb: I’m gonna order a pizza; I’m gonna go to New York.
  3. Full out - whip - dub full⁉️🤫 • I’m going to chill for like weeks until I get onto rod floor, but I’ll post some throw back clips here and there ohhhh and dub front step out soon😈 • Song: Go .
  4. There is a slight difference in literal meaning between the two phrases, though it's not very significant: Going to the shops = you are at this moment on your way to the shops, or (more colloquially) you are planning to go, as in: "I'm going to the shops this afternoon.". Going to go to the shops = you are just planning to go to the shops. Here, going means something closer to "planning.".
  5. Apr 28,  · But I'm going to have a big tan He might have went to the past and'mm to the future Mario Be Playin is a promotional single for T-Dub’s album that never released: “T-Dub in the Club”.
  6. Hi mates, I'm not going to do a Hot Dub at Home this weekend. It's the start of the school holidays and there's a chance I could be going into quarantine for Wine Machine Perth pretty soon, so I want some chill family time. I've added a November date to the event, but .
  7. Sep 13,  · 'I'm going to guess that's a first for you doing a live shot with a bear in the background'.
  8. I’m going to go through what I did to mod this particular case. Yours will most def be different but hopefully I can give you a few tips for when you make yours. So let’s get cracking. Steps: 1. First you need to pull out any old electronics and parts inside the case. Keep anything that might be handy in the build like knobs etc. 2.

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