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  1. Jun 26,  · Datura, or trumpet flower, is one of those “ooh and ahh” plants with its bold flowers and rapid growth.
  2. Datura, (genus Datura), also called thorn apple, genus of about nine species of poisonous flowering plants in the nightshade family (Solanaceae). Several Datura species are collected for use as drugs, and others are cultivated for their showy flowers.
  3. Datura is a genus of flowering plant from the nightshade family. The sweet-scented and trumpet-shaped flowers are known across the world for their potential as poison, medicine, and entheogen.
  4. Dec 20,  · Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii) is a night-blooming herbaceous perennial that is common in the arid regions of the United States, Baja and northern Mexico.
  5. Feb 11,  · Datura is a variable group of plants. Datura are herbaceous annuals and short-lived perennials in the tomato family (Solanaceae) with a confused taxonomy and disputed origin because of their extensive naturalization through temperate and tropical regions world-wide.
  6. Datura is a woody-stalked, leafy herb growing up to 2 meters. It produces spiney seed pods and large white or purple trumpet-shaped flowers that face upward. Most parts of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine.
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  8. Ertekin, V., Selimoglu, M. A., and Altinkaynak, S. A combination of unusual presentations of Datura stramonium intoxication in a child: rhabdomyolysis and fulminant hepatitius.
  9. Feb 27,  · Each of these has some medical & intense side effects. There are 3 chemicals produced by Datura plants: hyopscyamine, atropine, & scopolamine. Each of these has some medical & intense side effects. We're open for you.

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