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  1. The 78 rpm Club The 78rpm-Club T+ 78rpm-Club. 78rpm-Club. Ladies and gentlemen, So please, if you can, listen to your record collection, digitalize it, clean the grooves, read a good book, help your neighbours, be kind and be smart! Together we will get through this, but please - stay at home who ever can. May god.
  2. A term applied to a sound-recording technique in which, in both recording and playback, the stylus moves from side to side in the spiral groove on a disc. 78 RPM sets. Many 78 RPM sets, particularly electrical sets, were issued in up to three side couplings: ° Manual side ° Slide automatic ° Drop automatic.
  3. The 78 rpm Club collects and preserves everything concerning the fragile sound carriers. This site shall be informative and diverting. May the groove be with you! SEARCH. Suche nach: GRATITUDE & RESPECT. Without the efford of so many wonderful 78rpm record .
  4. This site is a consolidation of 78rpm record series listings which can be found on several websites. The contributors have made an extraordinary efford to make these listings. We adapt them to make them searchable. Thanks to pemolanhotsrejes.timesdicalalotisarararesou.co we are steadily updating the record series as well as linking tunes to the correspondent sound & data entries.
  5. 78 RPM Vinyl Records Are Still Holding Our Interest. Phonograph records were first produced during the 19th century and are flat discs with analog sounds stored in spiral grooves on the disc. 78 records play at 78 revolutions per minute. 78 records were initially made with a shellac resin but were produced in polyvinyl beginning in the.
  6. Non-vintage disc records were made from to the present. They are commonly referred to as micro-groove records, and play at 45 or 33 rpm. Formats include 7" 45 rpm discs with oversized spindle holes, 10" and 12" long plays (LPs), extended plays (EPs) and others. Most non .
  7. These "standard groove" discs used roughly the same large groove dimensions and spacing found on 78 RPM records and typically played for about 15 minutes per side, with very good fidelity—when heard over the air, indistinguishable from live to a casual, but not to a critical listener. Old inch turntables are sometimes still found in radio.
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